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Fatal crash brings Princes Fwy traffic to a standstill

The man, the driver of the Kia, died at the scene

Quick thinking truckie escapes burning garbage truck

The driver managed to escape injury and avoid damaging his truck

New Pacific Highway section set to open

The 36km stretch from Glenugie to Tyndale will soon be ready

Visual inspections continue, RBT calibration relaxed

THE NHVR has granted a temporary relaxation of calibration requirements for roller-brake testing (RBT) equipment.

Truckie injured after truck hits tree

POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a truckie was seriously injured in Central Queensland yesterday.

Essential work like this doesn’t stop because of COVID-19

Target Transport Services keep the roads moving

This is the perfect job for me

OUTBACK-based 29 year-old Anthony Eldridge never had an ambition to be a road train driver until he got a job behind the wheel of a water truck at Richmond in...

Truckie Bundy helps drought-stricken farmers

He was driving a very schmick B.W.T. 2007 Constellation with a 600 Cat upfront and towing a drop deck tri-axle trailer and he was on his return leg back to...

Brett says new truck was like a birthday gift

“It was like being given a birthday gift as the truck is beautiful and it was a great surprise,” he said.



      Test Drive

        Test drive: Latest AMT takes Hino 700 to next level

        The cab and fittings in the Hino 700 may be familiar now, but a new transmission...

        Volvo 18-wheeler cruises highway without anyone in the cab

        A remotely driven truck makes maiden journey.

        What does David think of the Stralis X-Way?

        We road test the new 'Aussie' Euro

        Kermie takes the Cascadia for a test drive

        The new Freightliner doesn't disappoint

        Toyota Corolla vs Mazda3 vs VW Golf: best small cars battle

        We compare the new Toyota Corolla with the VW Golf and Mazda3.

        Kermie is as happy as as big rig in mud

        Mercedes-Benz offerings an awesome foursome off-road

        Motoring News

          Mercedes’ game-changing buyer guarantee

          Luxury brands under pressure to improve customer protection.

          Family owned and operated centre wins Dealer of the Year

          Daimler Dealer of the Year win is bitter-sweet for Murwillumbah Truck Centre

          Holden’s open letter to Australians

          The last chairman of the iconic car brand has penned an open letter.

          Ford makes call on Aussie future

          Following General Motor’s announcement it will ‘retire’ the Holden brand, Ford has...

          What Holden disappearance means for owners

          What Holden’s disappearance will mean for car owners.

          Transport union attacks Aldi driver safety

          Aldi and the Transport Workers' Union remain at odds